Guitarconq Franky Lopes

When you hear Franky Lopes for the first time, it just takes that one note and BANG!!! You'll never forget it. It's super and is printed on your soul for life. Franky is a show guitarist with a lot of gimmicks and he moves all over the stage in a certain trance and hysteria. Franky's voice sounds like a percussion instrument; briljant and original.

Frank plays a guitar from the heart to the heart, there's nothing like that on this planet. He makes a guitar sing like no one else. Even as he has passed sixty, a time when many other artists are enjoying their retirement or slowing down, Franky still puts on high-energy concerts. Franky shares a special magic and communication with his audience, which makes people feel united with one love, one family and one spirit. This happens through his creative music and guitar playing.

A master interplay between his passionate almost spiritually gentle guitar-play and a raw wild feeling and timing, matched by Franky's evocative, finger-fed intonations, is a measure of his utterly remarkable mastership of the instrument.

Franky Lopes has survived more than 3 decades of ups and downs in the tough music business, without losing a bit of his enthousiasm and love for the guitar. We can all learn from that. Franky's virtuosity is "cool" and his music is simply real good music that treats the ear and sweetens the soul.

To say I admire Franky Lopes would be a huge understatement. There are absolutely no words to describe my love for his music. The funny thing is, I firmly believe he just gets better and better. I'm very proud to say I have been a big fan of Franky for many years now. The man is simply a genius!!!

Some words from

Franky Lopes

I love music and the guitar is the instrument I have chosen to communicate with you. When I hold a guitar in my hands, the guitar becomes a beautiful lady with a 100% trust in me. Then I do my utmost to let her feel how strong my love, affection and passion are for her. At this time I let my fingers run over the guitar-neck, and play the most beautiful sounds and rhythmical combinations which I receive from the universal source of energy, harmony and creativity. I also combine all kinds of artistic and acrobatic-showy moves and stances with my guitar which makes my total act very flashy and energetic.

While this happens, I forget myself and I step into a certain silence where I become one with the guitar. This is the greatest moment, because at this stage I start to feel something like water flowing through my body. Waaahw!!! Then I know that the guitar has been conquered and the sound and music suddenly changes into an extra pleasant strong harmonious vibration which takes the audience to a perfect climax. This is always a glorious experience and real COOL!!

Okay, that was a short explanation about my guitar feelings and approach. I have not heard a music style like mine yet. I hereby declare that it's a great honour for me to present for the first time to the world, my brand new music style "GUITARCONQ". Conquistador is the Spanish word for conqueror. I'm a guitar conqueror. My music is sweet and CONQY and it makes you feel free, glad and excited for dancing.

Guitarconq is universal and that's why you can hear some influences of rock, funk, soka, reggae, blues, dance-hall, soul, latin, jazz-rock and many other music styles in this style. I certainly hope that this project and dream that I have had for so many years, will develop into something larger than what it is now and become a world wide success. However, like every project and dream, it can only succeed through a magical combination of hard work, follow up, right product, right time, right market, right person or group of people believing in the product, right luck, etc. If everyone knew the combination, we'd all be riding in the so called seventh heaven. The reality is that there are more failures than success stories.

To tell you the truth, I am more confident than I have ever been before, that quite soon a major step is going to take place. I know that a very nice, righteous, loving and commercial minded person is going to hear about me or see me in action and will have that great convincing feeling and vision concerning my music and will be delighted to give me the PUSH and open the doors of success. Then I'll be playing my GUITAR all over the world so that you and everybody can get that glad and free feeling and enjoy.


Musicians and guest artists of Guitarconq Franky Lopes solo project:

Franky Lopes

Franky Lopes - Lead guitar & Vocals
Type of equipment & instruments
Guitar - Fender Stratocaster
Guitar - Ibanez Artist
Guitar - Lopes (own design)
1 Multi-effect Pedal - GPR 1 Alesis
1 Wah Volume Pedal - DOD Pedal FX-17
1 Cordless remote - for Guitar
1 Cordless Micr. - Headset
Guitar Amp. 65 watts - Musicman 112 RD
Guitar Amp. 80 watts - Park Marshal

Erik Halsema

Erik Halsema - Keyboards & Synth. Bass
Type of equipment & instruments
Synth. - Korg X3
Synth. Quadrasynt - Alesis
Synth. - Roland RD-170
Side Keyboard 60 Amp. - Fender 100 watts

Daniel Derks

Daniel Derks - Drums & Sequencers
Type of equipment & instruments
Drum (mountable on rack) - Tama or Pearl
Kick (bass drum) - 22 inch
Side drum - 16 inch
2 Toms - 12 and 13 inch
Snare (Picolo) - 13 inch
Cymb. (Zildjian) Hi Hat - 10 inch
2 Cymb.(Zildjian) Crash - 14 and 22 inch Ride

Roberto Simon

Roberto Simon - Basgitaar
Type of equipment & instruments
Bass guitar - Dimavery
Bass Amp. - 100 watt
Guest-musicians and artists (occasional)
saxophonist, trumpet player, extra guitarist, percussionist,
synth.soloist, bass-soloist, vocalist or rapper
Stage plot
Drums & Sequencers - center (back part of stage)
Guitar & Vocals - center (front part of stage)
Keyboards & Synth. - right side between front and back part of stage
Bass guitar - left side between front and back part of stage
Microphone - center (front part of stage)
Monitors - all musicians. (2 meters left from micr. stand and
2 meters right from micr. stand)

Have I made you curious? That was my intention!!!

Enjoy every second of your health
and if you're not healthy,

I hope you'll soon be:


Thank you so much for your fine attention.

Greetings and take care,

Frank Irving Lopes