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The Teenage Shadows 1963 - 1968:
Frank Lopes - lead guitar
Clyde Hook - vocals and bass guitar
Howard Hook - vocals and rhythm guitar
Manuel Lopes - drums
Robby Camelia - bass guitar
Bobby - bass guitar
Kinchi Lou - rhythm guitar
Pacheco Domacassé - vocals
Diana Lebacs - vocals
Freddy Heiliger - vocals

This was Frank's first experience, playing in a band. They performed at private home-parties, clubs, theatres, school-parties, radio and TV-shows.

Pearl Ash founded in Curaçao 1969:
Frank Lopes - lead guitar
Manuel Lopes - drums
Roy den Hartog - vocals
Daniël Derks - bass guitar
Humphrey Thodé (Bri) - rhythm guitar

In 1969 "Pearl Ash" was founded by musical leader, composer and lead guitarist Frank Lopes in Curaçao. Pearl Ash became very popular in a short time and in the newspapers, music critics called them the trendsetters of music in the Netherlands Antilles. Frank, Manuel, Bri and Albert decided to extend their success in Europe.

Pearl Ash became an instrumental jazz-rock (fusion) trio. Wednesday the second of oktober 1974 the band played in Paradiso Amsterdam for a showcase (presentation of new groups). Pearl Ash was favourably received by critics and considered the group to be far ahead of it's time.

Pearl Ash in the Netherlands 1971:
Frank Lopes - lead guitar
Manuel Lopes - drums
Humphrey Thodé (Bri) - rhythm guitar
Albert McGloire - bass guitar

Pearl Ash started to play more funky-latin-rock. The group was very successful with the new style. They played all over Europe. Pearl Ash played in concerts as supporting act of groups like Kayak, Livin Blues, Spin etc. etc., and was always a successful surprise. In 1977 Manuel Lopes left the band and first went to "Herman Brood & His Wild Romance" and later to "Jan Akkerman".

Pearl Ash members in 1976:
Frank Lopes - lead guitar
Manuel Lopes - drums
Humphrey Thodé (Bri) - bass guitar
Franklin Batta - vocals
Leo Dorcas - rhythm guitar
Skeeter Jordan - percussion

The style changed into funk-rock-blues. On the 25th of may 1978, Pearl Ash played as supporting act in a concert of "Daniël Sahuleka" in the "Kolk" (concerthall in Assen). The band continued successfuly for some years and stopped in 1981.

Pearl Ash in 1978 - 1981:
Frank Lopes - lead guitar and backing vocals
Humphrey Thodé (Bri) - bass guitar and backing vocals
Robbie Brands / Jans - drums
Ruud van As - lead and rhythm guitar
Gina de Boer - vocals
Valentijn Steenhuis - keyboard

From 1982 until 1985 Frank had played in a band called "Karina & the Blackbirds" from a little town called Veendam. This band played Dutch songs and country music, they also started to play reggae when Frank joined the group.

Karina & the Black Birds 1982 - 1985:
Karina - vocals
Jan Huizing - vocals and keyboard
Frank Lopes - lead guitar and vocals
Jan Niemijer - drums
Albert Bakker - bass guitar
Jans Huizing - technical engineer and driver