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In this period Frank was also a freelance guitarist. Together with his brother drummer Manuel and bass player Gerrit Veen, he sometimes played with a band called "AA & the Doctors". The leader, composer, vocalist, saxophonist, and pianist of this fantastic and energetic rockband is Appy Alberts.

AA & the Doctors in 1987:
Appy Alberts - vocals, saxophone and keyboard
Frank Lopes - lead gituar
Gerrit Veen - bass gituar
Manuel Lopes - drums

In 1988 Frank Lopes and Alex Poolman started a cover-band called, "De Nederlandse Prince & the Revolution". After several successful performances, "De Nederlandse Prince & the Revolution" had their last concert in Paradiso (Amsterdam) which was an amazing climax. There are several video-recordings of this period.

De Nederlandse "Prince & the Revolution"
cover band in 1988:
Frank Lopes - lead guitar, backing vocals
Alex Poolman - lead vocals
Gert Jan Kelder - keyboards, backing vocals
Sandra / Henny - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Jennifer Moesker - keyboards, backing vocals
Jos Ottens / Martin - drums
Ferry Pocerattu - bass guitar
Herman - saxophone
Jannet Baars / Inge Bakker - dance girls